What if an ordinary life is enough?

What if an ordinary life is enough. No, not just enough, more than enough? The other night our family watched Full Circle, Trevor Kennison’s remarkable story about being a (paraplegic) world class freestyle (sit-)skier. It’s a film very much akin to the films that are usually part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival – an international film competition […]

Where Feedback Fails: The How vs. The What

Thoughts from a recent experience of being an observer of some poorly delivered feedback…and deciding to say something. And a silly dog image, just to bring us all some grace as we fumble and flail with feedback! Warm to Frigid in a Heartbeat Last week a group of us involved with a new program launch […]

The burden of superior expertize

Those who can, do. Those who can do better, teach. The best leaders – the ones who truly know how to inspire and develop people are not just “crusaders for competence”. They are also educators, teachers, coaches. They embrace, not ignore, their “burden of superior expertise.” Recently two clients, both senior leaders in their respective […]

Messy Holidays – Reflections and Wishes

Today is my last day of work for 2023. One of the great privileges of being self-employed is how I get to set my own schedule, and don’t have to ask anyone for permission to take time off. The difference this makes to my quality of life is immeasurable – and it’s a privilege I […]

War and bullying. Do they have anything in common?

Workplace bullying and war do not have a lot in common.  But one thing they do have in common is dehumanization: our failure (willful or not) to see the humanity of others.  The targets of workplace bullying will tell you how like a non-human they feel they are treated. It is highly traumatic.  But we […]

“When are they going to believe I’ve changed?”

How long does change take? It depends on who’s asking. As she read the feedback, I saw her shoulders slump and a look of tiredness on her face. “So in short it seems like people notice and appreciate the changes I’ve made, but they’re not convinced yet that they’re truly genuine, or that they’re going […]

You know you didn’t call them stupid. So why do they say you did?

There it was, starting on page three of his 360 Feedback report. A page and a half of comments like these that people had made to me as I interviewed them: He flogs people with words. He says things like “You’re wrong. You’re an idiot.” At times he’s very condescending. “That’s a bad idea. That’s […]

The Messenger Matters

“People are a time suck,” he told me in our first coaching session. “I’m sprinting and everyone else is crawling. They don’t seem to get it. I’m having to push them the whole time. What do I do about them? ”