Disrupt Stress. Awaken resilience. 

Equip with skills. Improve results.

Expert coaching for today’s organizations and leader who:

Executive Coaching

Disrupt Frustration. Awaken Ease and Flow.

Individual, customized executive and leadership coaching.

Optimized and individualized executive coaching to empower leaders to meet the challenges of developing others, and working with and through others, to meet organizational objectives.

Specialty coaching may include: transitions, resilience, conflict, and abrasive leaders. 

Common Outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-control 
  • More strategic decision-making
  • Resilient and compassionate leadership skills
I was a highly reluctant and skeptical coachee. And I’m a complete 180 on that now. Coaching led me to have a more open mind to life in general, which has opened me up to so much professional and personal growth. I hear people better. I have more productive conversations - at home and work. Coaching recalibrated how I do dialogue. My relationships are better - even with people I disagree with.
Vice President, Real Estate, USA
Team Coaching

Disrupt Misunderstandings.
Awaken Partnerships and Collaboration. 

Unlock the potential within teams by addressing underlying dynamics of overwork, conflict, and self-sabotage. 

Common Outcomes
  • Increased collaboration and performance
  • Reduced stress and conflict
  • Alignment on vision, mission and goals
Sue used an approach that is the most elegant simplification of core human tendencies that I’ve ever experienced. It removes the mystery of where our patterns of unhelpful protective behaviour come from. It is uncannily accurate. When we all have this base understanding we can have compassion for each other AND have the frank conversations we need to without being afraid of each other’s reactions. Doing this together is the most powerful way to do this as an organization. We are having conversations now that we were never able to have before. There is more respect for each now, as humans.
Managing Partner, Consulting, Canada

Group Programs 

Disrupt “learned today, forgotten tomorrow.” Awaken applied learning that lasts.

Group programs and workshops focus on experiential and applied learning that carries directly over into work and life. Programs range from brief introductions, to months long programs, according to need. 

Group programs combine the best of training, with the best of coaching. Small groups  meet at regular intervals on a particular topic. Each session has a focus area, with related self-study readings, a live group coaching session, and on-the-job practice assignments. 

Common Outcomes

  • Deeper comprehension of specific topics.
  • Increased skill and capacity
  • Meaningful connections and peer-supported leadership development, that build resilient and adaptive leadership networks 
Sue’s training was hands-down the best training I have attended in a long time. It is rare to leave a training with new tools that you feel confident to put to use right away, but I have been able to do just that, and see immediate results.
Manager, Non-Profit, USA
I have a better ability to block outside distractions when I need to take a second to reset myself. I’ve also developed the habit of resetting whenever I can feel my anxiety levels rising. I’ve begun taking on more challenges that I would have avoided previously out of fear of embarrassment if I didn’t do well. Overall, my stress level has steadily decreased as I’ve worked through the program even though the workload increased.
Manager, Hospitality, USA

Keynotes, Workshops, Masterminds & More

Keynotes, Workshops,
Masterminds & More

There are other ways that I work with individuals and within organizations, including: