Client Testimonials

I am delighted to write a heartfelt recommendation for Sue Mann, a phenomenal leadership coach who has made a significant impact on my personal and professional growth journey from 2020 and onward.

Sue possesses a unique combination of qualities that make her an outstanding leadership coach:

✨ **Deep Insight and Expertise:** Sue's profound understanding of leadership dynamics and her extensive expertise in coaching have been instrumental in helping me navigate the complex challenges of the federal workplace.

✨ **Empathetic and Supportive:** Sue's empathetic and supportive approach creates a safe and constructive space for self-discovery and growth. She has an incredible ability to listen, understand, and provide guidance that is tailored to individual needs.

✨ **Results-Oriented:** Sue is results-driven. Her guidance is practical and actionable, and she excelled at helping me set and achieve meaningful goals.

✨ **Effective Communication:** Sue's excellent communication skills make her an even more effective coach. Her ability to convey complex concepts in an understandable and relatable manner is a testament to her coaching prowess.

Sue has been an invaluable resource on my professional journey. Her guidance has helped me develop essential leadership skills, enhance my self-awareness, and navigate challenges with confidence.

If you're seeking a leadership coach who will not only elevate your leadership capabilities but also help you become the best version of yourself, I wholeheartedly recommend Sue Mann. She is a true asset in the realm of professional development.

Thank you, Sue, for your unwavering support and guidance. Your coaching has been a transformative force in my journey, and I'm deeply grateful for your wisdom, support, and insights.
Cassandra Benge
Clinical Educator & Research Liaison
I thought coaching is a guy in a hat with a whistle yelling at players: “Get back in there. Keep your head up and stop crying.” But that’s not what leadership coaching is about. It’s a mechanism to get insight, self-reflect, practice different things, and become a better leader.

I’ve been transformed, like a butterfly. Before I was like a caterpillar in my little cocoon. Safe, small, protected, hiding out. I had never heard about imposter syndrome before, but understanding it put a name on something I had been struggling with. Coaching lead me out of that place to becoming a butterfly, spreading my wings, and taking flight.

For example, I was just in a meeting with the most senior leaders of my company. Before I would have just tried to blend in, not be noticed, hoping no one would pay attention to me even though the workstream I head - information security – touches just about every aspect of our organization. This time I got proactively involved. By the end of the meeting, everyone was asking for my input. People were paying attention to my contributions. I finally had the confidence to just let my value show, rather than try to prove or hide anything.

I can also dare to say things now, and even if they don’t come out quite right, or land quite the way I want to, instead of panicking and making it worse, I don’t get thrown off track. I just get back up. I learn from it. My confidence increases rather than decreases.

My staff have noticed the difference in me. “You’re doing good,” they tell me – which they never had before. They’re more confident in me as a leader.

Dan Shafer
IT Security