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Leadership is one of the most challenging – and rewarding – roles there is.

And the world is awash with advice for leaders.

But you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t feeling frustrated with some aspect of leading and managing, and are looking for something more than what you’ve already got.

So I want to give you something that you can find truly useful and use to up your leadership game, with less of the stress, overwhelm or frustration you’re currently experiencing.

As a leader you have power. 

Both formal power ( the power that comes with your formal position or title) but also, critically, informal power (the power that comes from personal qualities and/or the relationships you have in the organization). 

Too often leaders are stronger in one area than the other. 

The over or under-use of each type of power sets up power-dynamics that can really undermine your effectiveness as a leader. 

The Power Guide will help you hone in on what type of power you may be under- or over-utilizing, and help you ““level-up” your power game. 

So that you get more results, less frustration, and less emotional drama.

The Power Guide

power guide

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Three last thoughts

Feeling challenged as a leader is deeply personal and vulnerable. So I want you to be able to quietly check me out, so that you can see if the approach I take resonates with you.

I take privacy seriously. I never share names, emails or other personal information with anyone else.

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